Who are Kobra Paint


KOBRA® Spray Paints is a solid example of how a paint company provides constant research, development, and innovation to our artists - while also keeping our environment impact to a minimum. 

The Kobra facility stretches over a 30.000 square meters area of which 5.000 are covered and accommodate the following units: 

dedicated area to our commercial and head office.
dedicated production area, including the paint department and can filling department.
dedicated research and development laboratory.
dedicated logistics department, including: raw materials warehouse, product warehouse, order preparation and fulfilment warehouse.


Over the years the company has reached remarkable levels of market penetration in europe, and it’s gaining considerable market share in the global market.

The business strategy is based upon the steady and continuous development of ideas and products, the objective is to supply our clients with the highest quality standards on the market.

Kobra have an advanced high tech engineering control system able to guarantee the highest quality and service standards dedicated to an increasingly demanding market.