Kobra Paint UK 


Kobra paint has a high "solid" content to ensure great coverage on any surface. It is perfect for painting on canvas, wood, metal, glass, paper, card, plastic, concrete, brick and more. Kobra is an "all season" paint, the special formula does not suffer in high humidity or cold. The paint adheres to all surfaces with a minimal risk of dripping even in extreme weather conditions.

Kobra is also compatible with most other paints on the market due to its 100% acrylic formula. The paint has a matt finish, dries fast and thanks to its special valve
the user has total control during spraying even when maximum precision is required. There are 93 colours available at a great price! Click here to view the full colour range.

KOBRA 600ml Range

The Kobra 600ml cans are filled with the finest Kobra paint. They have a 100% acrylic formula and will cover any surface with ease. The paint is UV + weather resistant. Available in Black or Chrome.


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